PT Sulindafin

Sulindafin pioneered the manufacture of polyester POY in Indonesia in 1978. With the gradual expansion of our capacity and the commissioning of our continuous process poly-condensation plant in 1986, direct spinning POY plant in 1991 and batch polymerization plant in 2003, Sulindafin has maintained its leadership position in Indonesia’s Polyester industry. Today, Sulindafin’s state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities produce up to 80,000 tons of a wide range of polyester polymer each year. The Nylon 6 manufacturing facility was set up in 1991 and has also been undergoing gradual expansion.

Through a continuous process of reinvestment, Sulindafin draws on the latest technologies from world leading engineering companies like Zimmer AG, Reiter Scrag and Barmag of Europe as well as Teijin Seiki & Murata of Japan. The utilization of such sophisticated equipment coupled with stringent quality control measures ensures its adherence to international quality standards - as attested by its achievement of the stringent ISO 9001 certification in 1998. In addition, Sulindafin products have been tested and certified in accordance with Oeko-Tex Standard 100 and have been proven to meet the human ecological and azo-dye requirements.

Beyond the traditional range of products, Sulindafin produces a comprehensive variety of specialty and performance yarns. Newly introduced in 2006 is the exclusive SULSUITE® collection, which features 5 functional yarns, the culmination of an extensive research and development process. In 2007, Sulindafin has also embarked on a yarn dyeing expansion project to cater to the fast growing demand of the market.

SulSuite® Collection
SulCool® – Moisture Absorbent
SulNatural® – Natural Feel
SulShield® – Flame Retardant
SulGuard® – Anti-Bacterial
SulWave® – Waves of Oceanic Charm

Specialty Yarns
Micro-filament Yarns
Bi-shrinkage Yarns
Nep Yarns
Cationic Yarns
Mixed Yarns – Polyester and Nylon

Traditonal Polyester Yarns (50 - 600 Denier)
Partially Oriented Yarns
Draw Textured Yarns
Flat Filament Yarns

Polyester Staple Fiber (1.2 – 15 Denier)

Polyester Textile Grade Chips
Full Dull
Optical Bright

Nylon 6 Flat Filament Yarns (20 and 30 Denier)

Nylon 6 Textured Yarns (70 – 100 Denier)
Dope Dyed Black

Sulindafin’s export markets span the globe, mainly covering the Asian, Middle-Eastern, North and South American as well as European markets.


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  • SulShield® brochure

  • SulGuard® brochure

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